Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy with a self-calibrating fiber optic probe

TitleDiffuse reflectance spectroscopy with a self-calibrating fiber optic probe
Publication TypePeer Reviewed Archived Journal Publications
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsYu, B, Fu, H, Bydlon, T, Bender, JE, Ramanujam, N
JournalOpt Lett
Date PublishedAug 15
ISBN Number0146-9592 (Print)0146-9592 (Linking)
Accession Number18709086
Keywords*Optics and Photonics, Calibration, Equipment Design, Fiber Optic Technology/*instrumentation/*methods, Monte Carlo Method, Optical Fibers, Phantoms, Imaging, Reproducibility of Results, Spectrum Analysis/*instrumentation/*methods, Ultraviolet Rays

Calibration of the diffuse reflectance spectrum for instrument response and time-dependent fluctuation as well as interdevice variations is complicated, time consuming, and potentially inaccurate. We describe a novel fiber optic probe with a real-time self-calibration capability that can be used for tissue optical spectroscopy. The probe was tested in a number of liquid phantoms over a relevant range of tissue optical properties. Absorption and scattering coefficients are extracted with an average absolute error and standard deviation of 6.9%+/-7.2% and 3.5%+/-1.5%, respectively.

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