Rapid noninvasive optical imaging of tissue composition in breast tumor margins

TitleRapid noninvasive optical imaging of tissue composition in breast tumor margins
Publication TypePeer Reviewed Archived Journal Publications
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsWilke, LG, Brown, QJ, Bydlon, TM, Kennedy, SA, Richards, LM, Junker, MK, Gallagher, J, Barry, WT, Geradts, J, Ramanujam, N
JournalThe American Journal of Surgery
Pagination566 - 574
Date Published10/2009

BACKGROUND: In women undergoing breast conserving surgery (BCS), up to 60% can require re-excision. Our objective is to develop an optically based technology which can differentiate benign from malignant breast tissues intraoperatively through differences in tissue composition factors.

METHODS: A prospective study of optical imaging of BCS margins is being performed. Optical images are transformed into tissue composition maps with parameters of total hemoglobin concentration, b-carotene concentration and scattering. The predicted outcome is then compared to the margin-level pathology.

RESULTS: Fifty-five margins from 48 patients have undergone assessment. Within 34 specimens with pathologically confirmed positive margins, the ratio map of b-carotene/scattering showed the most significant difference reflecting a decrease in adipose and an increase in cell density within malignant margins (p=.002). These differences were notable in both in-situ and invasive disease.

CONCLUSIONS: We present a novel optical spectral imaging device that provides a rapid, non-destructive assay of the tissue composition of breast tumor margins.

Short TitleThe American Journal of Surgery
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