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Vishwanath K, Yuan H, Barry WT, Dewhirst MW, Ramanujam N. Using optical spectroscopy to longitudinally monitor physiological changes within solid tumors. Neoplasia [Internet]. 2009 ;11:889-900. Available from: (1.6 MB)
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Vishnoi G, Hielscher AH, Ramanujam N, Chance B. Photon migration through fetal head in utero using continuous wave, near-infrared spectroscopy: development and evaluation of experimental and numerical models. J Biomed Opt [Internet]. 2000 ;5:163-72. Available from: (727.21 KB)
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Palmer GM, Zhu C, Breslin TM, Xu F, Gilchrist KW, Ramanujam N. Monte Carlo-based inverse model for calculating tissue optical properties. Part II: Application to breast cancer diagnosis. Appl Opt [Internet]. 2006 ;45:1072-8. Available from: (161.68 KB)
Palmer GM, Ramanujam N. Monte Carlo-based inverse model for calculating tissue optical properties. Part I: Theory and validation on synthetic phantoms. Appl Opt [Internet]. 2006 ;45:1062-71. Available from: (185.83 KB)
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Ramanujam N, Mitchell MF, Mahadevan A, Thomsen S, Silva E, Richards-Kortum R. Fluorescence spectroscopy: a diagnostic tool for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). Gynecol Oncol [Internet]. 1994 ;52:31-8. Available from:
Liu Q, Zhu C, Ramanujam N. Experimental validation of Monte Carlo modeling of fluorescence in tissues in the UV-visible spectrum. J Biomed Opt [Internet]. 2003 ;8:223-36. Available from: (217.12 KB)
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