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Peer Reviewed Archived Journal Publications
Skala MC, Squirrell JM, Vrotsos KM, Eickhoff JC, Gendron-Fitzpatrick A, Eliceiri KW, Ramanujam N. Multiphoton microscopy of endogenous fluorescence differentiates normal, precancerous, and cancerous squamous epithelial tissues. Cancer Res [Internet]. 2005 ;65:1180-6. Available from: (1.94 MB)
Palmer GM, Ramanujam N. Monte-Carlo-based model for the extraction of intrinsic fluorescence from turbid media. J Biomed Opt [Internet]. 2008 ;13:024017. Available from:
Palmer GM, Ramanujam N. Monte Carlo-based inverse model for calculating tissue optical properties. Part I: Theory and validation on synthetic phantoms. Appl Opt [Internet]. 2006 ;45:1062-71. Available from: (185.83 KB)
Palmer GM, Zhu C, Breslin TM, Xu F, Gilchrist KW, Ramanujam N. Monte Carlo-based inverse model for calculating tissue optical properties. Part II: Application to breast cancer diagnosis. Appl Opt [Internet]. 2006 ;45:1072-8. Available from: (161.68 KB)
Jacques SL, Ramanujam N, Vishnoi G, Choe R, Chance B. Modeling photon transport in transabdominal fetal oximetry. J Biomed Opt [Internet]. 2000 ;5:277-82. Available from: (167.74 KB)
Zhu C, Breslin TM, Harter J, Ramanujam N. Model based and empirical spectral analysis for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Opt Express [Internet]. 2008 ;16:14961-78. Available from: (266.44 KB)
Dobbs JL, Mueller JL, Krishnamurthy S, Shin D, Kuerer H, Yang W, Ramanujam N, Richards-Kortum R. Micro-anatomical quantitative optical imaging: toward automated assessment of breast tissues. Breast Cancer Research. 2015 .
Trujillo EV, Sandison DR, Utzinger U, Ramanujam N, Mitchell FM, Richards-Kortum R. Method to Determine Tissue Fluorescence Efficiency in Vivo and Predict Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Spectrometers. Appl. Spectrosc. [Internet]. 1998 ;52:943–951. Available from: (301.46 KB)
Bird DK, Yan L, Vrotsos KM, Eliceiri KW, Vaughan EM, Keely PJ, White JG, Ramanujam N. Metabolic mapping of MCF10A human breast cells via multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging of the coenzyme NADH. Cancer Res [Internet]. 2005 ;65:8766-73. Available from: (795.77 KB)
Yu B, Shah A, Wang B, Rajaram N, Wang Q, Ramanujam N, Palmer GM, Dewhirst MW. Measuring tumor cycling hypoxia and angiogenesis using a side-firing fiber optic probe. Journal of Biophotonics. 2014 ;7(7):552-564.
Conference Proceedings
Nichols BS, Ramanujam N. Miniature Non- Contact Diffuse Spectral Imaging for Breast Tumor Margin Assessment. NCI-NIBIB Point of Care Technologies for Cancer Conference. 2014 .
Book Chapters and Review Articles
Skala MC, Ramanujam N. Multiphoton Redox Ratio Imaging for Metabolic Monitoring in vivo. In: Armstrong D Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress. Vol. 594. Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress. ; 2010. pp. 155-162. (910.41 KB)