Anatomical Imaging

Project title: Point of Care Tampon (POCkeT) Colposcope for Visual Inspection with Magnification (VIAM) of Cervical Cancer

Project summary: We have developed a point of care tampon (POCkeT) colposcope with comparable clinical performance of a state-of-the-art digital colposcope butwith the form factor of a tampon as shown in the figure below, which allows for speculum-free, automated, and high quality VIA with magnification of the cervix. ThePOCkeT colposcope can interface with smartphone/tablets to leverage the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices globally, the burgeoning onboard computational power,and inherent tele-medicine capabilities that will help task shift cervical cancer screening to community health workers. Our prototype system is currently collecting sideby side data against a high end digital colposcope and the cervical images obtained show promising results as shown below.

The Pocket Colposcope. A working prototype of our POCkeT colposcope interfaced with a Google Nexus 5 Android Smartphone and displaying a  HSIL (high grade lesion) is shown in A. Representative image pairs  captured with standard of care colposcope (B) and POCkeT colposcope (C).  Arrows indicate location of suspicion, which was biopsied and pathology  was confirmed. Representative images are shown for Normal, LSIL/CIN1  and HSIL/CIN2 cases.